Which word is correct? Popular, famous or common?

“Popular, famous or common?

These three words have quite similar meanings. Generally, they can all mean “a lot of people….”. So what are the differences?

Popular        =        a lot of people like something
Common        =        a lot of people do/have/are/etc something
Famous        =        a lot of people know something

For example:

My Tam is a very popular singer in Vietnam. √
My Tam is a very famous singer in Vietnam. √
My Tam is a very common singer in Vietnam. X

Cancer is a very popular disease. X
Cancer is a very famous disease. √ (Possible, but we are unlikely to say this!)
Cancer is a very common disease. √

My cakes were very popular at the school fete. √
My cakes were very famous at the school fete. X
My cakes were very common at the school fete. X

Now you try these. Choose popular, famous or common.

1.        It is quite …………………. to see visitors to HCMC taking a long time to cross the roads due to the heavy traffic.
2.        The most …………………. types of film in Vietnam are probably romance and comedy, and romantic comedies too!
3.        My teacher is very …………………. In this city because he teaches very well, but he is also very strict, and not many students like him.”


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