5 gold experiences help you rent apartments in the easiest way.

How to rent apartments quickly and efficiently? This is a question that makes many people think hard. Let muaban.net find out the answers through the article below.

Currently, apartment rental is considered a very promising investment channel in Ho Chi Minh City which gives you a remarkable attractive profit compared to depositing savings at the bank when the interest rate is decreasing. This investment channel attracts a large number of participants, leading to fierce competition. Therefore, the lessors must know how to create their own superior advantages to be successful. The following valuable experiences help you quickly find satisfied customers.

5 gold experiences help you rent apartments in the easiest way

5 gold experiences help you rent apartments in the easiest way

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  1. Identify your target customers

First, you need to identify your target audience. This helps you to orientate in the layout of the house. Besides, you will quickly choose the customers that really fit the apartment conditions so that the tenancy process is long and stable.

People with medium and stable incomes but not as high as newcomers, singles and small families often rent cheap apartments in relatively good positions, clean, private and private conditions. Better security than crowded, messy and complicated inns, but the price is not too high. If you own mini apartments for rent, this is the object you need to care about.

Figure 2. Mini apartment suitable for average, stable income

When you rent a house or a high-class apartment, the income earners, foreigners will be the object you should aim for. And the target customers of shophouse owners will definitely be small businesses or start-up companies.

  1. Design and arrange to create the best look for the apartment

You need to make sure that the rental apartment is always in the best condition. The first look is also the decision that customers base on which to choose your home. This makes it easy to negotiate rental costs.

For exterior:

What you need to do for the exterior of the house is to repair cracks in the wall; Paint new windows, doors or balconies if needed. If there are conditions, do not ignore the decoration of some types of ornamental plants in front of the door or outside the balcony area.

Figure 3. Repair paint to bring the best look to the apartment

For furniture:

The easiest way to bring a new look to the apartment is to repaint the wall. Replace old appliances and leave things that aren’t really necessary to make the house more airy. Damaged parts in the house such as leaking pipes, wall cracks, unburnt bulbs should be thoroughly treated. You should also consider issues such as gas safety, fire and fire safety standards. And depending on the customer segment towards which you choose for yourself the appropriate interior style.

  1. Research the appropriate rental rates

To determine the value of the apartment, the owner of the house may base on the following factors:

  • Apartment location (what direction, what floor)
  • Acreage
  • Interior condition
  • Business advantages or representative offices

Next, what you need to do is refer to the rental price in the market or surrounding areas. You should also anticipate the costs of checking, upgrading apartments periodically and repairing and maintaining utility equipment when needed before offering prices. If you feel confused about pricing, you can find support in reputable real estate brokers.


  1. Contact the broker to promote information and reach customers quickly

The posting of real estate rental information on classified sites and real estate websites is considered to be very effective in reaching customers. Apartment owners should pay attention to selecting reputable websites with a large number of visitors to quickly spread information to customers in need.

Figure 4. Posting on reputable website helps you reach customers quickly

In addition to posting, if you are busy and do not have much experience in leasing, fully entrust your client search to real estate brokers.

  1. Be careful when signing lease contracts

The lease must be strictly regulated to minimize the risks arising. Please ask the customer to pay a rent deposit. This helps you ensure that they have enough financial capacity to pay the monthly rent. About the deposit should be worth at least 2 months’ rent.

  1. Build good relationships with tenants

You should ask customers about the condition of the house that makes them feel comfortable, or do they encounter any inconvenience in the activity. Good relationships between homeowners and tenants will help the contract be signed longer. And if the tenant for some reason moves away, they will be ready to introduce your apartment to their friends and colleagues. Thus, you have quickly found new tenants but also save other costs such as brokerage and advertising.

Hopefully, these experiences will help you quickly find the right customers, the rental takes place smoothly and gives you a stable source of income.


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