Học tiếng anh qua video phim ngắn – Phần 2

Hãy cùng luyện nghe và học tiếng anh giao tiếp qua video với các tình huống thông dụng thường ngày qua video sau đây:



Tình huống trả lời điện thoại qua video của nhân vật Aaron:

– Hello? Yeah, this is The Net Cafe’… You want to talk to Becca? Sorry, she’s not here. Sure, no problem. Bye.

– Aaron Harris!

– Oh. Hi, Becca.

– Do you always answer the phone like that?

– Sometimes!

– That’s not the way to answer the phone at work! You should say” Thank you for calling The Net Cafe. This is Aaron…”

– I know. But what I said was Ok right? I was friendly.

– Yes, but you were so informal!

– Customers like friendly workers!

– We’re supposed to be friendly and professinal.

– Oh, ok.

– I mean it. Aaron.

– I wouldn’t want to have to tell our boss about this.

– You’d tell Ron I don’t answer the phone well enough?

– I will if I have to.

– Alright then! Don’t worry, sis. I’ll be so professional that everyone will be happy! I hope so!

– Ok, Aaron!

– Thank you for calling The Net Cafe. This is Aaron. How may I help you?

– Much better!

– Yes, Becca is available. May I ask who is calling? One moment please. Here you go. It’s a customer. She want to talk to the manager.

– Hello, this is Becca Harris. Oh. Hi, Mom!



– May I use your phone a minute?

– Sure.

– Thank you for calling The Net Cafe’, This is Aarom. How may I help you?

– Aaron. I’d like to speak to the manager.

– I’m sorry, Becca is not available right now. May I take a message?

– No, thanks. I’ll call back later. Goodbye.

– Becca, why did you call Aaron? And why did you use a diffirent voice?

– I want to see how Aaron answer the phone. Sometimes he’s not very professional.

– Did he do a good job just now?

– Yes, he was very professinal and polite!

– I want to call him.

– Jeff! what are you going to do?

– Don’t worry. Mia. Aaron won’t even know it’s me.

– Honey, aren’t you a little old to make prank calls?

– These aren’t prank – calls. They’re …tests.

– Hello. Net Cafe’.

– What specials will you have next week?

– Put him on speakerphone!

– Okay.

– I check for you, sir. May I put you on hold?

– Sure.

– Wow, Becca he is very polite.

– Yes, he is. I guess he really listened to me!

– Yeah. Actually, it;s really cute.

– I know.

– I want to call him next!

– Sure.

– So, you, Jeff and Mia all called Aaron, but he didn’t know it was you?

– Right.

– Aaron told me the cafe’ phone rang a lot last night. Now I know why.

– I can’t believe you three made prank calls.

– There weren’t prank call. I wanted to test Aaron to see how he answers the phone.

– I want to call him!

– Hello. Is Becca there?

– I;m sorry. she is not available right now. Would you like to leave a message?

– Can you tell her Ella Pettis called?

– Sure. Can you spell your last name for me?

– Hey, Amber? Is that you?

– uh, no, oops

– I can’t believe you had all those poeple call me!

– Well you did the good job.

– Great.

– Thank you for calling The Net Cafe’.. What? Ron? Hah, Is this Jef? Nick? .., Goodbye!

– You got another prank calll? Funny.

– I can’t believe Becca tod peopel to call me!

– Aaron. Ron just called me my cellphone.

– No, he didn’t.

– Yes, he did!

– Look at the caller ID. He want to know why you just hung up on him.


Các từ mới có trong tình huống luyện nghe tiếng anh giao tiếp qua video trên

Hung up: gác máy

prank call: cuộc gọi điện với ý đồ trêu chọc người nghe máy.

Cellphone: điện thoại di động

Leave the message: để lại lơi nhắn

last name: họ tên

Polite: lịch sự

informal: suông sã, thân thiện

Friendly: thân thiện


Việc thường xuyên nghe và bắt chước lại hội thoại của nhân vật qua bài học tiếng anh video phim ngắn phần 2 sẽ giúp các bạn luyện nghe tiếng anh hiệu quả hơn. Và đừng quên theo dõi tiếp phần sau của series bài học này các bạn nhé!

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